NY Times Video 2

The first NY Times video filmed by yours truly is up on the NY Times 360 site. Given my lack of internet, I have yet to view the finished product, so feel free to watch and let me know how it looks!


2 thoughts on “NY Times Video 2

  1. Hey Brian!
    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 3 months already. Love the prayer flags in the habitat. And nice hibachi skills! What’s that exercise thing you guys were doing? What other ways do you guys try to stay in shape?


    1. Hey Becca, Thanks! We try and do fun nights like hibachi to keep up crew spirits and have fun. We’ve been on a workout regiment of p90x3 and T-25. We also do some martial arts and circuit type of stuff from time to time. We’re almost done with these programs, so we’re going to start moving into more difficult videos. One thing that helps is our EVA work- we basically need to hike around the lava fields and ridges in order to get to locations for research, exploring caves, etc. That always helps, especially when you’re in a big sealed suit!


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