Exit Day

If you’re reading this when its posted, then I’m currently leaving the hab. No really – check the news! I’m leaving, and I don’t even have a suit on.

Yesterday was our last day in the habitat. I laid down by the window after the crew had gone to bed and tried to predict what the next morning would be like – hearing footsteps and chatter from news reporters and mission management setting up for our ‘release’. By the end of the night my emotional currency was well spent and processing everything wasn’t an option.

Instead I thought of a story I read somewhere once. It was about a young child walking out of the grocery store with his mother. Innocently he asked, “Why does the sign say exit”

“Well, because we’re leaving, honey” the mom replied.

” But aren’t we entering the world?”

I’ve thought about that story many times this week. Now our crew is re-entering the world.

Some said we were crazy to step out of that world.

Now I’m waiting to say goodbye to a simpler, focused life here. A part of me isn’t ready to let it go. Another part of me is ready and just watching the clock count down. And instead of going to sleep, I write – sheltered by the habitat canvas blowing softly in the wind and in the silence of miles of empty lava fields around me.


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